“Life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to be experienced.” ― Søren Kierkegaard

Love is Everywhere…

It’s the love month once again. Should single peeps feel bad again? I don’t think so.
Those who are in a relationship may be lucky for finding their one true love but it does not mean that those who have not found it yet should sulk and be sad.
Hey, love is everywhere you know.

At home – be thankful for the wonderful family you have. Express your gratitude to your parents and siblings. Besides they are the one who gives you unconditional love. Right?
With your friends – for sticking with you in good and bad times. For cheering you up and laughing at you when you do silly things with yourself. Friends are the brothers and sisters that you never had.
At church – sometimes we dwell too much with our drama in life that we tend to forget Him. It is such a wonderful feeling to know that what ever happens He is our great refuge. He is always there for us. To give the ultimate love that we all need.

So if you are dateless in the coming Vday. Why not go out with the good people that is around you. For sure you will have a blast celebrating it with them.

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Keep on Reading

booksWhen you are  going thru rough times, most likely you will hear your friends say “just hang on”, “you can make it” or “keep yourself busy”. But to tell you frankly, it is easier said than done. I must know. And aside from my friends who keeps me company when I’m feeling blue, I discovered that reading is the best way to keep me busy.
Reading does not require you to go out of your home, which I really like. As for me I enjoy reading in the comfort of my own room. Recently I am having a big challenge handling my mood. I can feel normal at times but when depression hits me I barely talk to anyone. So what would I do is grab a book and bury my head on it.
Self inspiring books brought new shed of light to my everyday living. It helped me rediscover the value of life. That we are the sole responsible for our own happiness. It is not easy but there are some things I learn – love yourself above all and have faith no matter what.

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A year that was

As the year 2012 comes to end let me count the ways it brought smiles,tears,love,heartbreak,blessings and more…….

Jan to Mar was the best quarter of my 2012. New year was a blast.
Highlights : Watched Katy Perry concert with a date 😉 / celebrated valentine’s day with a significant other / had my best ever birthday so far

Apr to Jun was the time of the year for gatherings. Its summer, so out of towns every now and then.
Highlights : I’ve been to Subic thrice  @_@ / went to Tagaytay for a spa and relaxation / finally a big career change that I’ve been waiting was answered.

Jul to Sep was a roller coaster ride .
Highlights : had my last out of town with my someone special I never thought would leave me / he left without saying goodbye.

Oct to Dec was the quarter of denial, acceptance and moving on.
Highlights : I was depressed / looked for something good to do with my life / reconnected with Him / found out that running, blogging works out for me as a therapy / slowly I can say I am getting back on track

And like most of you, I am looking for a better, brighter 2013 ahead of me.

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Run baby run


After 3 weeks of training, non-stop sweat at the gym, finally we had a great run!!!
Finishing my first ever 10k run only shows that I am ready to move on and face new challenges ahead.
Enough for the sulking and gloomy days but instead I am again ready for new sunshines and surprises of the new day will bring me.
I made my family and friends proud of what I did. Proud that I am back on my feet again.

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Thank you for the weekends

God really loves us that He gave us weekends. How i love my weekend is by spending it with my family. Endless cooking at home and enjoying each meal together with endless stories to share on how was your week at work. Seeing my family complete really brings an extra ordinary joy in my heart. To know that these people loves me unconditionally and no amount of problem will not be solved having them by my side.
I hope that each and every one of us had a blissful weekend with the company of our love ones.

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Friends to infinity and beyond

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Who would have thought that a simple friendship from high school will last for 18 years? And I would like to believe that we are still counting.
We have seen each other grow as we mature. I am glad to be part of your lives. To be able to witness each happy moments with your families even to lend a shoulder when times get tough. I may not have many friends like others have but I’m proud to say that the few friends that I have are the brothers and sisters that I never had.


Singled out Wednesday

Three weeks ago I started attending the singled out of CCF. It was a Wednesday, after working out at the gym I went to Citywalk Eastwood where CCF is.
I was about to go home because I thought the bible study starts at 8pm. When suddenly a guy approached me and asked if I’m attending the singled out. I said yes and he told me that he is attending as well. He was good enough to keep me company and to make me feel comfortable. By the way  his name is Bryan. He told me that normally the service starts at 830pm so while waiting for the time we had a small talk. He asked me what brought me to CCF and of course I told him about my latest drama 😦 I also mentioned to him that I have a friend who goes to CCF Marilao and she told me about CCF ( that friend was Beng ^_^ )
And guess what? I was not disappointed. Being in this group for the past 3 weeks makes me feel secured,protected and loved. Don’t get me wrong, I am so thankful for having my family and friends that supports me all the way. But this is far more different. It is this feeling that makes me go on with my life for the fact that what ever lies ahead for me is in God’s perfect plan.
Best of all I was able to meet new friends. Friends that will help me understand Him more clearly. I know that my Wednesdays will not be the same again because I have this regular date and it’s nice to be singled out with His love.

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I love you…Goodbye…

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As I bid goodbye to someone dear to me tears rolled down uncontrollably.
It’s a mixed emotion of being left all alone and the idea of not seeing him anymore.
Although our relationship only lasted for 7 months but I can definitely say that it was the best 7 months of my life.
I have experienced, expressed the love that I haven’t shared with anymore before.
Timing may not be with us when things happened coz it really broke my heart when you left.
But right now, I know one thing is for sure that God is with me and He will never leave me as I travel this road.
And to you Joseph Stephen Parulan, I will say goodbye for now and till we meet again in heaven. I love you.


Seperated no more

Lord Jesus, You have taken the first steps to bridge the gap between God and us. Grant me the grace to avail of the means to reach out to You despite my sinfulness.

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Hello world!

I wanted to have an outlet on my random thoughts so I decided to finally have my own blog. Sometimes we have this urge to put into writing what we feel, observe or experience. With this let me share to you a piece of me and hope you enjoy reading it.

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